Gongo Aso and Other Throwback Songs That Rocked the Dance Floor

is a throwback song that rocked the dance floor for a very long time and that still remains very much relevant on the playlist of most DJ’s.

While we are celebrating songs from new-generation artists, it is also expedient for us to acknowledge artists who had released party bangers in time past that rocked the music space.

For today, Mp3bullet.ng will be looking at throwback songs that rocked the dance floor back in the days.

Worthy to be on this list is a track from the Port Harcourt son Duncan mighty. Dance which rocked the DJ’s playlist for a very long time was a hit track released in 2008  that will always make you you shake body once it comes on. Famous for releasing Party Bangers, Dance by Duncan Mighty is another track from the Port Harcourt son that will make you shake body.

Another track that Mp3bullet.ng has deemed fit to be on this list is very hit track from Wierd MC, Ijoya. the track which was not just a DJ’s favourite was also aired frequently on radio and television station. Also stealing the heart of many Nigerians with its animated video, Wierd MC remains one of the Nigerian artists that rocked the music scene with her songs.

  • X Project – Lori Le

Also worthy to be on this list is a track that rocked a decade ago Lori Le. Released in 2007 by X project, the track a song that has the ability to scatter the ground floor when it comes on the DJ’s turntable.

Deserving to be on this list is a very loud party banger from P square that rocked a decade ago.  Bizz Body by Psquare. The track which was released in  2005 remains an evergreen that will still make you shake body when it comes up.

Topping this list is a song from Alapomeji boss 9ice, Gongo Aso which rocked the music space for a very long time enjoyed a lot of attention as it was always vibes by DJ’s in a party and even during music shows. Released in 2008 Gongo Aso remains one of the songs that encouraged artists to sing in an indigenous language.


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