Ed Westwick ‘Disappoints’ Fans With ‘Surprise’ Gossip Girl Announcement

ed westwick

‘Disappoints’ Fans With ‘Surprise’ Gossip Girl Announcement

Ed Westwick has left Gossip Girl fans disappointed after leading them to believe an announcement about the reboot was on the way.

The British actor, who played Chuck Bass in all five seasons, posted a photo of the phrase “XOXO” and claimed news relating to the popular CW series wold arrive at 1pm BST on Monday (15 June).

Many fans assumed that Westwick would be sharing an update on the reboot, which was announced in 2019.

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However, when the countdown reached zero, fans were left frustrated by the lack of update from Westwick.

The actor’s name was soon tending on Twitter, with people claiming that the tease was a promotion of Covid-19 masks he’s selling emblazoned with the same logo he posted online.

“Really thought Ed Westwick was going to turn 2020 around with a Gossip Girl reunion but instead he’s selling XOXO face masks,” one person wrote.

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Another added: “Ed Westwick really teased us with xoxo to drop gossip girl face masks? bye.”


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